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Brand new phones are a wondrous thing, but over time your shiny new phone slows down and becomes sluggish.Switching between apps becomes a frustrating experience and your battery won't get you through a day.If this is a path you want to take, then you should consider checking out Greenify as an automated hibernation app that works for rooted and non-rooted devices.Non-rooted devices won't get automated hibernation of apps and a few other features, but you can still add a widget to your homescreen to hibernate them in a single flick.

In some cases, before you can start, you need to enable developer find the list of apps using RAM.

You can also tap the settings option when in the Services/Processes menu to switch between running processes and cached processes.

Some phones, like a Meizu M3 Max we tested with, won't allow you to access the developer options by tapping the build number and have their own specific method.

You can then decide which ones you want to stop individually.

The same rules apply to stopping or uninstalling apps that applied to stopping them via the processes tab - namely that you want to be careful about what you start pressing.

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