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Although Eileen wants to keep these secrets hidden so that she can finally win her mother’s approval, Kenny tries to convince his mother to “come out” to Grandma Agnes, leading to some surprising twists, on “The Real O’Neals,” TUESDAY, APRIL 5 (- p.m. (ABC/Greg Gayne) MATT SHIVELY, NOAH GALVIN What can you tease about what we’ll see in the next few episodes?We have a few episodes coming up – the next one is one of the funniest to me.

I think it’s really, really good for people to be able to play that out. And that, for me, I pride myself on the fact that our family chemistry is insane.

Well that was my next question – you look at a show like AMERICAN CRIME where one brother says he’s gay, and his brother stops talking to him, where it’s the opposite here, that Jimmy doesn’t care – Kenny is his brother, he’s going to be supportive, it’s just his brother… In the last episode, he had this speech where he said “I love you, and I love whatever you love, the gay bodies that you love, I’m cool with it [laughs]” and I think that is something that is never shown.

That was the biggest feedback I got last week when the show aired.

If I’m being completely honest, once I got this, what excited me so much about it, was the topics that we are focused on in the show, I feel like the world really needs to see. It’s almost like a hobby for some people that get diorced.

I think it’s great to see what a family goes through with that, especially in the sitcom world.

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I think I’ve seen one bad comment out of the thousands that are posting, not that I’m crazy and counting them up, but it’s been really amazing [laughs].

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