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However, a recent post garnered a significant amount of attention for a completely different reason, one that many thinks could …It’s pretty awesome how far a little ambition can take you.

My family is so quintessentially British that several of my cousins ran a fish and chip shop where they regularly cheated the tax inspector, a job that combined …Waiting for a flight sucks, especially if you’re on a connecting flight and just exhausted from flying.

All you want to do is reach your destination and get out of the airport!

All of North Korea is shrouded in mystery, and, for the most part, outsiders are not let inside the country without paying a hefty price or getting their hands on a highly …British food is absurd.

There’s nothing more exciting than the sight …The winter months are often plagued with car troubles and sometimes those who get stuck rely on passerby to get them back on route.Quenda, a cat that was found without any collar or indication that she had an owner was found earlier this year, which isn’t exactly news right? This cat has become internet famous after a photo of her was shared …The thought of having 12 kids is absolutely unimaginable for some, but Cheryl Prudham is already thinking about lucky number 13.However, a petition to have the mother-of-12’s benefits cut has begun circulating after she revealed a controversial plan she wants to use the handouts for.Uncontrollable bleeding surrounding the 16-year-old’s ankles sent him directly to the hospital where doctors were …It’s been over a decade since the brave Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin passed away after a fatal stingray accident.Although he hasn’t been with us for a long time, his wife has remained single since the time of his death.

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