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Tinder filed a Notice of Threatened Opposition with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (IPO) against a trademark on the word “Shinder” that denotes an online dating app designed to help women date a single man – its creator, Sheridan Simove.Simove presented the app earlier this year, claiming that the browser-based platform is meant to help him find a partner.Although dating app marketing should focus on paid acquisition, PR outreach could amplify paid efforts and help build a brand around an app. Through thematic bloggers, media outlets, and Youtube channels they can reach a niche community.Even Tinder (this is the last time I mention Tinder, I promise!Tinder has created hype over mobile dating and changed the focus from programmatic matchmaking to a casual entertaining process.Tinder was also one of the first mobile apps who had successfully added gamification into dating.Forget the days when finding a date right before Valentine’s Day was a reason to panic and self-pity.

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Apart from the Los Angeles, California-based mobile dating service, Simove was also contacted by legal representatives of Schindler, an elevator manufacturer from Ebikon, Switzerland, who asked the creator of Shinder to abstain from entering the elevator and escalator markets, BBC reports.

Simove reportedly said that he doesn’t believe Shinder is a market threat to either the elevator company or the popular dating service, adding that women around the world are “unlikely” to migrate from Tinder to Shinder en masse.

Of course, only if you have a smartphone and a dating app.

Tinder usage in the US set a record on last year’s Valentine’s Day with overall usage increased by 7% and messages up 5.2%.

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