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Personally I find the "relative filename" style to be the most flexible.

I don't like to bake too much knowledge about the outside world into my schemas. The Xml Schema class will use a File System Resolver by default and fail to find the other 63 schemas.

Default attributes are reported and general entities can be resolved. The following table shows the rules for validation when the Validation Type property is set to None.

The Xml Validating Reader throws an Invalid Operation exception if the Validation Type property is set after the first Read method.

If an element reports a validation error, the rest of the content model for that element is not validated, however, its children are validated.

The reader only reports the first error for a given element.

If external document type definitions (DTDs) or schemas are required for validation, the Xml Resolver property is used.Use Reflector to determine what the ultimate fully qualified resource name is if you have trouble.It's easy to pull the main schema out of it's resource and pass the Stream into Xml Schema. It's slightly less obvious how to get that schema to resolve its imports.If no Validation Event Handler is supplied and a parse error occurs, the error is reported by raising an Xml Exception.If a validation error occurs, an Xml Schema Exception is thrown. Auto during a Read, Read Inner Xml, Read Outer Xml, or Skip call.

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